Bikemobile Program Co-Coordinator 20 hrs/wk (average)

About Cycles of Change:

Cycles of Change is a 15 year old, collectively run, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of East Bay residents by providing a variety of bicycle programs for youth and adults.  Please visit: to find out more about us.

About The Bikemobile and Safe Routes To Schools:

The Bikemobile is a free, mobile bicycle repair program, run by Cycles of Change and supported by federal and local Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) funds. It makes 3-4 site visits a week to K-12 schools, recreation centers, parks, and other community events. Bikemobile staff teach bike repair through hands on demonstration, promote bike safety, and encourage students to bike.

The Bikemobile is part of the Alameda County SR2S Partnership. Visit to find out more about the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program.

About You:

Cycles of Change seeks an outgoing, creative, self-directed, highly organized individual with good communication skills, administrative skills, and mechanics skills. Two Co-Coordinators oversee the program collaboratively so cooperative working skills are a must.

The Bikemobile serves high, middle, and low-income communities across Alameda County. Staff must be comfortable working with privileged and underprivileged youth. Bikemobile staff must be able to proactively and responsibly engage youth from all neighborhoods while maintaining their own boundaries and personal safety.  Staff will be responsible for creating a safe, fun, and positive learning environment for everyone involved.

When not in the field, our office is located in the Fruitvale district of Oakland.

Required Qualifications:

  • A commitment to Cycles of Change’s values of community building, social justice and environmental stewardship, and the ability to work collaboratively;

  • At least 1 year of experience educating youth from low income communities, with sensitivity and understanding of issues facing low-income communities;

  • ability to work comfortably in diverse communities and settings; high level of cultural competency.

  • At least 2 years of program coordination and administration experience;

  • The ability to work a flexible schedule and adjust as needed to accommodate deadlines, staffing issues and program needs;

  • At least 500 hours of experience repairing bikes in a shop setting, or equivalent experience;

  • Proficiency with Gmail, Microsoft Word, and Excel or similar programs;

  • Familiarity with the diverse communities of Alameda County.

  • Excellent professionalism, a record of skills in written and verbal communications with partnering agencies, community partners, and the public;

  • Class C driver’s license and a good driving record;

  • Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and the physical ability to act swiftly in a emergency situation;

  • Ability to adequately observe participants in activities, enforce safety regulations, and apply appropriate management techniques;

  • Experience managing diverse staff and volunteers;

Desired Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in Spanish and other languages;

  • Experience writing reports and grants;

  • Experience with event planning;

  • A solid understanding and practice of bicycle commuting and safety;

  • Nonviolent communication, constructive criticism, and active listening skills; and

  •   A history of good working relationships with diverse populations, communities, and organizations in Alameda County.


  1. Program Management:

  • Oversee the implementation of all aspects of the program based on the written description and contract;

  • Administer the contract with the Program Sponsor with consent and input of Cycles of Change’s Leadership Team;

  • Manage the program budget with the assistance from the Leadership Team;

  • Oversee the schedule for the project implementation;

  • Interface with the Cycles of Change Leadership Team (OAKS), the Program Sponsor, the Grantor, the Evaluation Team and Outreach Team, and the Prime to meet all requirements, submit reports, and update all parties on the program’s status.

  • Attend meetings and develop rapport with Safe Routes to School team partners, school site staff, local and state government agency staff, bike community representatives, existing and potential grant and foundation staff, and other key Cycles of Change partners;

  • Oversee and refine strategies and materials for outreach;

  • Promote program to school administrators, recreation centers, PTA’s, and community partners;

  • Schedule site visits with SR2S providers, schools, recreation centers, parks, and other sites across Alameda County;

  • Outreach to neighborhood bike shops for volunteer support at Bikemobile visits in their local area;

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations by creating new systems and tools for the program; and

  • Evaluate program quality in relation to the Cycles of Change strategic plan, grant guidelines and community needs.

2.   Site Visit Management:

  • Teach youth maintenance through hands on demonstration;

  • Promote bike safety with educational materials;

  • Collect participant survey data;

  • Encourage youth to ride to school using a positive attitude, helpful information, and giveaway incentives; and

  • Appropriately handle and follow up on student, staff, or volunteer conflicts.

  1. Materials Management:

  • Operate the Bikemobile safely and responsibly;

  • Maintain the Bikemobile and Tools;

  • Inventory, organize, and order needed supplies.

4.   Staff Management:

  • Hire and manage BMB Mechanics in coordination with Human Resources
  • Recruit, train, and direct program volunteers.

5.   Fiscal/Administrative Management:

  • Prepare and manage the annual program budget in collaboration with the Leadership Team;

  • Assure all program and grant goals are met or exceeded;

  • Submit all required documentation on a timely basis, including but not limited to attendance sheets, timecards, and incident reports;

  • Conduct detailed expenditure tracking;

  • Identify new sources of funding;
  • Coordinate in-kind donations for events and the program;

  • Keep statistics of participant attendance; and

  • Attend mandatory Cycles of Change meetings, trainings, and events.

Please send Resume, cover letter, and answers to the following questions to by March 17th, 2014.

Please include answers to the following questions:

1. What relevant experiences do you have working with youth? What do you love about working with middle school and high school youth.  What are some challenges? Please indicate a variety of experiences you have had.

2. What youth development skills do you think you would like to work on? (conflict resolution, “classroom” management, icebreaker games, etc)

3. What is your bike riding experience; how long have you been riding? (commuting, recreational, touring, etc)

4. In detail please explain your confidence level and knowledge of bike mechanics.

5. Which bike mechanic skills do feel you need the most help in to feel confident on the road with a large group of students?

6. What additional skills/assistance will you need to be successful in this position? (please provide details)

7. What is your experience working with or in collectives/collectively run projects?

8. What experiences best prepared you for this position?

9.  Describe an experience being part of a team.

10. Describe your experience with administrative tasks (i.e. scheduling, budgets, email correspondence, etc.)

11. What is your experience coordinating program work and managing staff?

12. Have you had experience working with partner organizations or funders? If yes, please explain.

This job description is not meant to be all-inclusive.  It is understood that the employee will also perform other reasonable related duties if requested.  This position description is not a written or an implied contract.  It will be reviewed periodically and may be revised if deemed necessary.  This position has supervisory relationship over children.  Performance reviews will be conducted annually but do not necessarily constitute a required increase in pay.

Compensation and Benefits

The exact number of hours per week varies. The position is generally between 15-25 hrs/wk. Pay rate is dependent on experience. Compensation includes health insurance and 2 weeks vacation time.  Cycles of Change is an equal opportunity employer. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.