Each year about 200 low-income East Bay residents receive free bicycles through our Bike-Go-Round program. Participants get everything they need to start using the bicycle as their primary transportation— a lock, helmet, rack, and other essentials, a personalized transportation plan, and urban riding training from Bike-Go-Round instructors.

We believe our Bike-Go-Round participants benefit from the efficient, reliable, zero-cost, flexible, and safe transportation that bicycles— combined with our local public transportation— can provide. Participants are able to reach jobs, services, and resources over a wide geographic range, and will have the option of reaching these places during off-hours or away from major bus lines.

Bike-Go-Round generally works with groups of participants from a partner community organization. In the past we have worked with organizations such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. To contact Bike-Go-Round staff, email or call (510) 842-1006.

In addition, our neighborhood community center, The Bikery, located at 1246 23rd Avenue in Oakland, has many resources and tools for program participants and anyone needing help maintaining their bike.  We want to help keep you riding everyday, hence the name, Bike-Go-Round!

The Bike-Go-Round is supported by  Measure B/Alameda CTC and MTC Lifeline Transportation Program.

If you participated in the Bike Go Round Program and did not yet complete a Post-Survey 6+ weeks after receiving a bicycle, you can Click here to take survey