Imagine a Bike Shop meets a Bookmobile….

The BikeMobile is a pilot program that hosts Bike Fix-a-thons at schools, community centers, parks, and community events across Alameda County.  At these Fix-a-thons, we help youth repair their bikes, teach mechanics and safety, and provide accessories and decoration supplies. By partnering with Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools we are able to offer this as a free resource to the public, specifically focusing on families from low-income communities that often do not have access to such services.

We discovered that up to 50% of Alameda County students do not ride their bikes because they are not functional, often due to minor problems such as flat tires and worn out brakes.  Since many students don’t have access to professional bike repair because of geographic or financial limitations, we decided to bring the bike repair to them.

The BikeMobile helps keep youth rolling to school safely while reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

The BikeMobile program is run by Cycles of Change which is contracted by the Alameda County Transportation Commission and the Metroplitan Transportation Commission to implement the program through November 2013.

To sign up for a visit or see our schedule of events, please visit: