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Program Overview

The goal of the Drive your Bike program is to train 4th-8th grade students in bike safety as well as support biking through other events such as Bike To School Day and Bike Safety Rodeos. We simultaneously train students, school staff, and parent volunteers in our 6 hour hands on bike safety curriculum.  This program is designed to fit efficiently and flexibly into elementary schools and middle school PE class structures. Our hope is that this program will encourage the use of bikes as a means of sustainable, affordable transportation, as well as help students develop healthy lifestyles from a young age. We also provide Bike Safety Rodeos to after schools programs, community events, and elementary schools. Our Bike Safety Rodeos are meant to provide lessons in bike skills, rules of the road, and group riding. We do this by setting up small “mock cities” for students to ride in and practice their skills alongside other students.

Description of Service

“Drive Your Bike” Safety Training

The Bicycle Safety Certification Program is a 2 hour in-class and a 4 hour on-the-bike training. Students learn how to perform a bike safety check, adjust helmets, communicate with traffic, abide by the rules of the road, maneuver through intersections, and safely navigate their school’s neighborhood by bike. We provide the bikes and helmets. The direct service we provide serves as a hands-on training for Physical Education teachers and after-school program providers who are interested in running the program in the future.


Bike Safety Rodeos are 3-4 hour events for students from grades K-6, typically at an after school program or a community event. This is a fun, engaging way to teach students advanced riding skills, such as shoulder checks, signaling and communication, and obstacle avoidance.  To inquire about bike rodeos please email us at .

Bike To School Day

Each May this event encourages parents, teachers, and students to walk to school.  We provide snacks, prizes, and stickers at school based energizer stations.


Where We Are

We currently provide in depth bike safety and encouragement activities for the Alameda County Safe Routes To Schools Partnership, the City of Albany Safe Routes To Schools Partnership, and the West Contra Costa Safe Routes to Schools Partnership.  Please visit to find out more about the Alameda Safe Routes Partnership activities.