bicycle donations

Thanks for supporting Cycles of Change!

Cycles of Change loves donations of usable bikes and bike equipment! To manage our limited space and resources, we have adopted some donation guidelines. Please see the guidelines below before you donate. All donations are tax-deductible. Ask for a donation receipt at the time of donating.

Drop off location:

The Bikery – Cycles of Change Oakland community bike shop

1246 23rd Ave, Oakland. (International Blvd.), Oakland, CA 94606
Tuesday & Thursday 3-7pm, and Saturday 11-5pm

Tuesday & Thursday 3-6pm, and Saturday 11-5pm(Winter Hours)

(510) 536-6732

Donation Guidelines

  1. Bike should have all major parts—including two good/straight wheels, handlebars, seatpost, cranks and fork. Flat tires are ok.
  2. Bike does not have rusted or immobile parts.
  3. Bike frame and fork should not have more than minor dents.
  4. Bike parts should have all pieces included and installed. Please do not donate broken or dismantled parts and/or parts with missing pieces.

These guidelines help to make sure that we don’t receive bikes/parts that require too much time and effort to repair and end up making LARGE piles of bike materials that we don’t use.

If people have bikes that don’t meet the above criteria but would like us to recycle them, we appreciate a $10-20 donation per bike (although we will graciously accept bikes/parts donations without a monetary donation if needed). This money helps us to pay someone to strip the bike and take the recyclable material to a local recycler.

You can donate your bike in any condition to Cycles of Change, a community bike shop in East Oakland that works to improve the health and sustainability of our neighborhoods by increasing the use of bicycles as transportation. Cycles of Change offers programs including vocational training for youth, safe riding education in schools, open shop hours where the public can fix their bike at low or no cost, and much more. Drop off donations at REI San Francisco February 21 & 22, 10am – 4pm each day. All donations are tax deductible. For more information visit”