Special thanks to the many organizations and people that have supported Cycles of Change.

Thank you to all our Monthly Sustainers, your generous contributions keep us rolling!

  • Alan Howard
  • Barbara Dye
  • Bokai Cheng
  • CDC Evaluation & Development
  • Elena Diaz
  • Evelyn Eldridge
  • Juan P Perez
  • Kathleen Geritz
  • Kimberly Barstow
  • Maeve Johnston
  • Marissa Welch
  • Phil Morton
  • Ryder Diaz
  • Sarah Davis
  • Stacie Chun
  • Sterling Wallstrum
  • Thai-An Ngo
  • Thomas Willging


Thanks to all those who have joined us for our annual fundraiser Bike Down:

Kim Barstow, Mark Burdett, Bonnie Chan, Estelle Davis, Nora Dye, Zeph Fishlynn, Dartanian Kaufman, Elokin, Jose, Ramsey, Stanley Lam, Molly McCobb, Tatiana Morales Costa, Marissa Ortega-Welch, Robyn Takayama, Carlos Hernandez, Jennifer Ledet, Becca Posowlsky, Lee Wheaton, Colin Dixon, Elena Diaz, Ryder Diaz, Sayuri Sakamoto, Kevin Bokai Cheng, Helen Lee



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