Press Release

Alameda, CA- September 25, 2019


Bicycle Fleet Stolen from Bike Education Nonprofit Organization

On the morning of Wednesday, September 25th, a fleet of bicycles belonging to Cycles of Change was stolen from Maya Lin Elementary School in Alameda, CA. Cycles of Change had stored the bicycle fleet to provide a bicycle safety program and bike rodeo for over 450 students in a rented U-Haul truck, locked and clubbed securely, parked directly in front of the school. The fleet consisted of 50 bikes and 150 helmets, as well as tools and other equipment. These bikes are used to teach public school students to bike safely to school and in their neighborhoods as part of our partnership with the City of Alameda as well as the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Program. Each school year, we educate over 10,000 students in over 50 Elementary, Middle, and High schools throughout Alameda County.


Our Ask
Cycles of Change is looking for support to help rebuild the fleet of bikes and equipment that were stolen. In order to avoid having to cancel programs this fall, our goal is to replace the 50 bikes that were stolen and raise $10,000. We are gratefully accepting bicycle donations at the following locations. Call Loke at 808-756-1115 for donation location details:
  •     The Oakland Bikery: 1246 23rd Ave - Accepting bikes, bike parts, and equipment.
  •     Main Library, Oakland Public Library: 125 14th St
  •     Maya Lin Elementary: 825 Taylor Ave, Alameda
  •     Alameda Fire Station 4:  2595 Mecartney Road
  •     Alameda Recreation and Parks Department offices: 2226 Santa Clara Ave
  •     Alameda Point Collaborative: 677 W Ranger Ave


Donation Guidelines:
  1. Bike should have its major parts in good or reasonably repairable working order. Flat tires are OK.
  2. Bike does not have badly rusted or immobile parts.
  3. Bike frame and fork should not be bent, and should not have more than very minor dents.
  4. Bike parts should have all pieces included and installed. Please do not donate broken or dismantled parts and/or parts with missing pieces.
  5. All bicycle sizes are acceptable, but we especially hope to replace our fleet of 24” - 26” bikes.

Monetary donations will also help us defray the cost of replacing helmets, bike parts and tools, and are gladly accepted. You can donate online at All donations are tax-deductible.

Who we are
Cycles of Change is based in the San Antonio neighborhood of East Oakland. Cycles was founded in 1998, in the basement of a public middle school where we provided an afterschool bike club, empowering young people with mechanics skills, earn-a-bike programs and bike adventures. Today, Cycles of Change is a collectively run non-profit organization that provides bike education across the East Bay. For more information, please visit us at or 

For press inquiries, please contact Loke Davis at




Cycles of Change works to improve the health and sustainability of our neighborhoods by increasing the use of bicycles as transportation, connecting youth with the extraordinary living systems of our local area, and building a diverse community of visionary young leaders.

We began in 1998 at Roosevelt Middle School in East Oakland and we've grown steadily to sites all over Alameda County. Check out our current programs: 

  • After School Bike Clubs: Give youth opportunities to learn bicycle mechanics, earn bikes of their own, and go on pedal-powered adventures that explore our neighborhoods and beyond!
  • Upcycle: Offers refurbished commuter bicycles and road safety training to adult low-income residents. By having a reliable, economically sustainable, and physically active mode of transportation, more people can access the opportunities, resources, and many other benefits that biking offers and inspires, helping build more healthy, vibrant communities.
  • The Bikery Community Bike Shop: A Community bike shop located in East Oakland, committed to utilizing bikes as a creative and necessary movement-building tool for social and environmental justice. Makes healthy and reliable transportation accessible to all through their earn-a-bike programs, tools and advice for people fixing their bikes, repair classes, and safe riding instruction.
  • Safe Routes to Schools: Educates high school, middle school, and elementary school students in safe riding techniques, so that they can build the skills and confidence to bike safely to school.
  • Watershed Stewardship: We developed a six-week course for science classes called “Watershed Guides.” This year our youth ambassadors will working with businesses and schools to keep pollutants out of our storm drains.

By taking part in Cycles’ programs, youth and adults gain strong and lasting connections to the living world and the larger community. These connections become a foundation for reshaping the relationships between people and land to make our urban neighborhoods healthy and sustainable.

*For the latest in Cycles of Change news and upcoming events click the link to our facebook.