Raising money for bike programs

At the end of July I'm taking part in a benefit ride for the Bikery, a Cycles of Change community bike shop that provides affordable used bikes and teaches bike mechanics to youth in the San Antonio/Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland.I've committed to raising $500.00 and I'm asking for your help to meet this goal. 

Funny story on how I ran into this bike shop because I was on my way to Alameda to a buy a brand new bike and I was willing to spend $300-$500 and as I was walking I saw The Bikery and walked in and back out with a nice used bike that was valued at $500 and I got it for $200! The Bikery has also helped me how to fix my bike and do certain repairs on it. Throughout the years I've also seen lots of youth working in that shop and the conversations I've had with them always bring a smile to my face. The Bikery also has group bike rides and fun activities for everyone not just youth. They are a friendly neighborhood community bike shop run by all people of color collective of Oakland Educators. If you can't afford a bike they have a program youth Earn-A-Bike or adult UpCycle and you will be able to earn a bike.

I'm excited to be a part of something so great and looking forward to working with cycles of change and you can help by sponsoring me- I've committed to raising $500 to support Cycles of Change and the Bikery - can you help? Anything you can donate would mean a lot to me, and everyone at Cycles of Change.

Your donation and words of encouragement are deeply appreciated!! 

I ride for fun and to stay active and it saves using gas.
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$276.00 raised!
GOAL: $800.00
Donate on behalf of Alvaro Paredes: