Support Community Bike Programs in Oakland!

This August, I will be participating in a 100+ mile ride through the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco to raise money for Cycles of Change and the California Field School. 

Cycles of Change is a POC-led, community-based bike education and repair cooperative. They provide youth bicycle safety education through northern and central Alameda county with their Drive Your Bike program, and offer a space for Oakland youth to learn bike mechanics and just plain get their bike fixed through their community bike shop, The Bikery (it’s like a bakery - but for bikes!). The California Field School takes young people on adventure-learning bike tours exploring social and environmental justice.  I've committed to raising $1,500 for these two organizations who do amazing work in Oakland - can you help me meet my goal?

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about biking as a healthy, sustainable, and accessible form of transportation. While the US offers many challenges to making this common-sense solution the standard for transportation, people of color face an additional number of obstacles, ranging from unsafe streets and poor infrastructure, to the lingering threat of police brutality. These two organizations are on the ground, doing truly impactful work in our black and brown communities, building a culture around biking and giving kids the tools they need to feel comfortable out on the road. 

I have worked with Cycles teaching youth how to ride their bikes, empowering young men and women to say "Hey. I can do this and it is fun." Students who get the opportunity to ride with California Field School program soar above and beyond the expectations their families and society hold for them, by biking over 300 miles (!) down the California coast, witnessing firsthand the ecological impacts of resource extraction and the power of self-propelled transportation.

Will you help these organizations get more youth outdoors, having fun and being healthy? Anything you donate would mean a lot to me personally, and the folks at Cycles of Change and California Field School. Any donation, big or small, is deeply appreciated.


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GOAL: $1,500.00
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