Cycles of Change Offers Bike Clubs and Bike Mechanics Classes for Youth and Adults!

For the last 19 years, Cycles of Change is a collectively-run organization of bike education and has been a pillar organization in East Oakland. Missioned to keep bicycles accessible to the community, Cycles of Change holds down the community bike shop, The Bikery, and coordinates bike safety and riding programs around the East Bay. In lieu of some funding shortcomings from local transportation commissions for important bicycle education programs for youth and adults, Aetna Foundation has granted Cycles of Change $100,000 over two years.

Bike Clubs are the foundational program that got Cycles rollinʻ in 1998. Cyclesʻ staff are educators and bike mechanics who equip youth and adult participants with bikes and safety equipment to go on bike adventures to natural places near them. Mechanics classes and workshops are held to teach folks how to do minor repairs while on the road, like fixing a flat tire, adjusting your brakes, or reattaching your chain.

“Shifting our energies to moving ourselves around on bicycles instead of depending on fossil fueled modes of transportation does make a difference on our impact on the environment and our own physical, mental and spiritual health,” says Eri Oura, an educator for Cycles.

Most Bike Clubs are based in-school at local middle and high schools, like Bret Harte, Madison and MetWest. Other Bike Clubs form through our community bike shop.

In addition to Bike Clubs, Cycles of Change offers basic to expert mechanics skills classes, in which participants can learn how to fix flat tires or learn to build a bike!

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