Your gift to Cycles of Change will help keep low-income communities in gear!

Cycles of Change’s strives to enable East Bay flatlands communities to use bicycles as a healthy, low-cost, efficient, safe form of primary transportation. Cycles and partner agencies have been working for over 10 years to build a network of neighborhood-based bicycle education and distribution programs to serve the basic transportation needs of hundreds of Alameda County’s residents.

Your donations mean a lot: 

$120 equips a new low-income rider with a refurbished bicycle, giving this person healthy and self-sufficient transportation.

$50 covers the cost of a bike riding safety class, where a new urban cyclist will also learn to access nature escapes in the city.

$25 gifts healthy snacks for one Bike Club class.

$15  keeps a new rider safe with a helmet.

Or any gift amount of your choice!

Who's donating

Kris (Sumaq Vegan) Moya
Charlie Cho
Lisa Beyer
Christa Erasmus
Torger Johnson
Stanley Lam
susan Granzella
Yessica Avila
phu diep
Ryan Russo
Larry Rohrbough
Janice Li
E Encina
Jack Aponte
Paul Smith
Fortunata Davis
Kenya Wheeler
Bill Mitchell
Veronica Ortega
deb schneider
Chris Cassidy
Guy Tiphane
wYND Kaufmyn
Leland Wilder
Nathan Woody
Angela Pai
Kim Barstow