Donate to Cycles of Change

Cycles of Change’s strives to enable East Bay flatlands communities to use bicycles as a healthy, low-cost, efficient, safe form of primary transportation. Cycles and partner agencies have been working for over 10 years to build a network of neighborhood-based bicycle education and distribution programs to serve the basic transportation needs of hundreds of Alameda County’s residents.

Your donations mean a lot: 

$120 equips a new low-income rider with a refurbished bicycle, giving this person healthy and self-sufficient transportation.

$50 covers the cost of a bike riding safety class, where a new urban cyclist will also learn to access nature escapes in the city.

$25 gifts healthy snacks for one Bike Club class.

$15  keeps a new rider safe with a helmet.

Or any gift amount of your choice!


Donate By check

Please make check payable to Cycles of Change and mail it to:

Cycles of Change
1246 23rd Ave Oakland Ca, 94606


Who's donating

Vanessa Lewis
Kenneth Eby
Gavin Platt
Ginger Jui
Robert Stewart
Myra Chachkin
Gregory Michalec
Deborah Glupczynski
Susan Watson
Sarah Estelle Davis
margaret stone
Katia Dunkel
Patrice Scinta
Wendy Bravo
Michael Udkow
Andrea Campbell
Grant Burningham
Loke Davis
AeRi Swendson
Pauline Fox
Grne Vance
Naresh Makhijani
Brian Carilli
Craig McFadden
Bradley Brownlow
Vicki Jacobs
Nic Van Dyke
Deja Ostrowski
Priscilla Hoang
Megan Jennings