Help me share the bike love!

Bike Down turned me on to bike trips, and has become a highlight of my summer. I've raised almost $5000 for Cycles of change, and this time there's another great cause to ride for.

Will you support me again for Bike Down, and more importantly support Cycles of Change and the California Field School?

On Thursday, August 8, I’m heading out to ride 100+ miles through the Bay Area in support of two great organizations. Cycles of Change and its community bike shop, the Bikery, provide affordable used bikes and teach bike mechanics to youth in the San Antonio/Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland. The California Field School takes young people on adventure learning bike tours exploring social and environmental justice.  I've committed to raising $2,000 — can you help me meet my goal?

I’m passionate about these two organizations because they share a goal of connecting young people to the natural world by increasing access to bicycles, and I think that promoting biking is one of the most effective (and fun) tools to create stronger, more resilient communities.

I know what a game changer it can be to get someone access to reliable transportation that also gets them outdoors. As a lifelong bike commuter and newer fan of bike touring, it's certainly had a huge positive effect on me! As participants in a recent California Field School trip said “I learned that I am capable of doing more than I think I can.”

Let's help other young people realize their strength and get outdoors!

Anything you can donate would mean a lot to me, and everyone at Cycles of Change and the California Field School. Please donate right now by clicking on "support me" over on the right.

I'll be thinking about you as I pedal my heart out in the sun next weekend! I'll also be thinking about the people in Oakland for whom a bike can open up new opportunities. Your donation and words of encouragement are all deeply appreciated.


Edie Irons
Edie Irons 953sc
I'm a lifelong cyclist, and this is my third time on Bike Down. Can't get enough of bike trips for great causes!
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$565.00 raised!
GOAL: $2,000.00
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