Supporting Youth Bike Programs in Oakland

This year I'm excited be riding with Bike Down and spending time with the Cycles of Change community. My goal is to raise $1000 to support their work!

I appreciate how Cycles creates an inclusive and welcoming culture around bikes and cycling. Getting and maintaining a bike can be expensive and intimidating, but the Bikery and the Upcycle program make it much more accessible for regular people. It's also led by passionate people who are typically not visible in the biking world: queer people, trans people and people of color. Biking should be fun and within reach for everyone!

As a member of a worker-owned co-op, I also value Cycles' commitment to collective leadership within the organization. To me, this is part of the important work of envisioning environmental justice and a more liveable future.

Help me support and sustain this collective's programs, staff and community resources!

Karyn Smoot
Karyn Smoot 109sc
bike person
72.0 0.74 72000 100000 72.0
$720.00 raised!
GOAL: $1,000.00
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